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Wafer Seal Starter Kits

Wafer Seal Starter Kits
A must have for: Volunteer groups, Churches, Non-profit Organizations and Small Mailers of Any Kind!

Saves time and fingernails! A new tab with each pull of the backing! HOW MUCH IS YOUR TIME WORTH?

YOU RECEIVE: 1 WAFER SEAL / TAB DISPENSER capable of handling wafer seals, tabs and labels up to 2"

AND your choice of 20,000 white, clear or translucent 1" wafer seals (4 rolls of 5,000 each) Perfect for folded or tri-folded mailing pieces!

OR you can select "Booklet Size" 12,000 translucent, white or clear 1 1/2" wafer seals (4 rolls of 3,000 for booklet tabbing)
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